Happy June Everyone! Summer and Sunshine is here! Over last few weeks my “Beauty Inside” journey continues and takes me to my Love of the Arts! The Beauty Inside journey is about finding yourself and your passions and appreciating all the beauty life offers! It’s all there for the taking….you just have to know where to look!

Toronto held its annual “Artfest” in historical and one-of-a kind Distillery District! For those of you who perhaps have not been to the unique area – it’s a must! The Art festival showcased the Artistic community with a focus on brilliant works of art. I strolled through the walkways and reflected upon the creative artistic displays, breathtaking paintings and live music artists! This Arts festival also reflected a few pieces of my heart – painting and photography. <3 I love to create artwork through photography and I ended up taking photos at the famous love locks!

As a part of my “The Beauty Inside Campaign” one of my goals is to also find the beauty inside of others – and I did just that! The Artfest was full of community members who are involved with the local artists and support artists. It was an honor to have the opportunity to speak with many of artists about their journeys in the Art world and about their passion for their art.

The Arts presents the window into an Artist’s mind. Their passion, strength and devotion is inspiring. Their never ending dream to bring beauty and their vision into the world – and how willing they are to share their dream with the world.

As an Arts student myself, the Arts present me with the opportunity for self-expression, and the vehicle to communicate my thoughts and feeling to others. Being a part of the Arts allows me to unfold around everyone and enables me to self-express myself in the way that I desire to be portrayed. The Arts allows me to be in tune with my emotions and express them in various ways to others.

The Art world has made me understand that my life environment affects who I am as a person and who I will be in the future. It has increased my awareness of people, places, and new ideas that I would not be otherwise been exposed to. It has opened my eyes to different aspects of the world and increased my awareness of all the possible emotions a person can have and the many different forms of expression that exist. Because of the Arts I have become a more open minded person. I have become a more creative person. This applies to my acting, writing, filming and painting and many other areas of my life. My mind is more capable of being more open to more ideas. The Arts encourage self-expression and allows me to be become the creative person that I want to be.


 Art is Not What You See

But What You Make Others See



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It’s feeling more and more like summer here in T.O! —-And its feeling like it’s going to be an amazing fundraising summer!

On May 16th it was National Denim Day across Canada! This day was especially important to me, as everyone in Canada is encouraged to wear denim to show their support for the fight against breast cancer.

Here’s a pic of me in my blue jeans!

And here’s a little musical break of Denim Day to get everyone in the summer fundraising spirit! Enjoy!

I volunteered and fundraised for Denim Day while continuing on my journey to promote my “Beauty Inside” Campaign – which encourages everyone to find the Beauty Inside of themselves and give back – I’m empowering women and helping children in need.


The Denim Day event was a great success. It was marked with a pink flower ribbon which was handed out with every $5 donation. I also decided to attract donations by offering some beautiful pink chocolate roses, scrumptious mini cake treats and delicate flower and butterfly cupcakes (all hugged in pink of course!) and Beauty Inside baskets. As you can see in the below picture, my display area was dedicated to the Denim Day and pink theme! I also created my own Beauty Inside baskets made up of luxurious soaps and body lotions. (great feel great items after a long day of volunteering and fundraising!)

I was happy to have had the opportunity to volunteer and bring attention to the day. It was  a wonderful experience and an extremely successful fundraising day!

This is my summer challenge for everyone one there – to find The Beauty Inside of YOU and give something back to your friends, family and your community! Feel free to share your great moments with me anytime!




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Happy May everyone! —This past Mother’s day weekend I made my first appearance as Miss Teenage Toronto 2017! This first appearance was particularly special to me as I shared it with my Mother and Grandmother and on Mother’s Day!

The three of us together; all three generations participated in the annual Mother’s day walk to end breast cancer for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. I’m thrilled that my first appearance representing my title as Miss Teenage Toronto was for a cause dear to my heart and also for many women across Canada and the World.

With this in mind (and heart!) I’d like to introduce you and welcome you all to my “The Beauty Inside Campaign”. A Campaign for every single person who’s been touched by cancer – all girls, moms, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, boys, dads, grandfathers and brothers. The Beauty Inside Campaign represents STRENGTH and the EMPOWERMENT of all women. I aim to increase breast cancer awareness and research by promoting my campaign, fundraising and event volunteering – I hope you all can join me in this amazing journey!


The Beauty Inside journey began with an important walk – full of spirit and strength to fight breast cancer together! — I was very proud to be participating in a walk with my Mother and Grandmother, and to show love and support for everyone. The walk took place at Streetsville Park, on a beautiful spring sunshine day! I was extremely proud to represent Toronto and wore my sash and crown throughout the entire walk! The lively event was full of music and fun kids events with face painting artists and balloon twisting artists. They were breast cancer bracelets, ribbons, and T-shirts available with all proceeds going to breast cancer research.

In support of breast cancer awareness, my Mother, Grandmother and I all wore pink! As Miss Teenage Toronto 2017, my official photo for the event was taken and I also took photos with the event participants and children. One of my favorite moments was when a little girl asked to take a photo with the “Princess”. It was simply adorable and heartwarming to be referred to as a princess!


During the walk, I was warmly greeted and congratulated by my fellow walkers!

One my favorite moments and photos was taken with our city police officers! I thanked them for services and keeping everyone safe at the event. It was an extremely successful event with hundreds of breast cancer awareness supporters. I am extremely grateful for these events which bring people together, create a network of support and continue to spread the message of hope – and the BEAUTY INSIDE each one of us to make a difference. JOIN ME IN FINDING YOUR BEAUTY INSIDE ! 🙂

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day with my Mother and Grandmother! I just want to give a shout out to the both of you and thank you for continued LOVE and support! And Happy Mother Days to all moms and grandmas!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our short (but so sweet) time together! For next weeks blog, I’ll be sharing all fundraising efforts for Breast Cancer awareness and the “The Beauty Inside Campaign”! BUT Before I sign off – AS PROMISED in my last blog post – you all know about my love for filming and creating montages! So here’s a video I created of the Mother’s Day Walk to End Breast Cancer! I Hope you all enjoy it!



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Hello everyone! Alexia here, your 2017 Miss Teenage Toronto!

I cannot begin to express enough how honored and excited I am to represent my hometown of Toronto and begin this journey with you! Competing in the Provincial pageants was an experience that I will cherish forever. Meeting such wonderful, kind and welcoming ladies from all parts of Ontario was such a heart filling experience that I will bring along with me to the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. In this first blog post of mine you will get to know me, what my passions are, and how I plan to make a difference in the world – I hope you will feel inspired and join me and start making a difference today!

About me

I was raised in the great city of Toronto where I attended Rosedale Heights School of the Arts (RHSA), simply stated – a simply amazing performing arts high school. I graduated with Honors and continued on to attend York University. I’m in the AMPD program (Arts, Media, Performance and Design) with a focus on Theatre and Film.

While at Rosedale, I discovered my creativity – with photography and filmmaking. I aim to create projects with the goal of sending an important message to viewers. One of my more recent photography projects was dedicated to my past bullying experience. Throughout my high school years, I quite often felt left out. It was a difficult time for me but with the support of my family and friends I overcame it and focused on excelling in my studies. This was the basis and focus of a photo project I created called “Light through the Darkness”. Through photography I expressed the message of hope and strength using color techniques. The colors represented hope and it breaking through all darkness. I had taken the photos at the beautiful flower exhibit at Toronto’s Allen Gardens.

Here is a picture of me pre-planning all the different filming shots and angles for the trailer!

Another passion of mine is filmmaking. Film can be an extremely powerful medium and transporter of messages. It’s a medium which the entire world can relate to, regardless of any language barriers. To me it also provides the opportunity for expression. One such opportunity arose when I filmed the trailer for RHSA which was based upon the Shakespearean play “Romeo and Juliet”. It was called “After Juliet” and I focused on sending the messages of women’s strength, women’s equality and internal beauty. For this project I was recognized and received the award for “Film and Video Award for Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking”. It was so rewarding. I have posted a few photos of my photography work and the trailer link for you to enjoy! For you film and montage lovers, there is more to come in my upcoming blogs….stay tuned! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi8kqu556lc


Ever since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed playing sports. I was in track and field in high school and now enjoy running, swimming and tennis. I stay close to my Greek culture and traditions and I’m even pretty good at traditional Greek style dancing! Here is a picture of me when I was little! The sport that I currently have a passion for is fencing. I began fencing in high school and fell in love with it – and I’m now on the York University Fencing team! The most recent fencing competition was quite nerve wracking! I’m still at the beginning stages –yet I did my best and managed to get some points against my opponents! It just proves that if you believe in yourself and with some teamwork you can achieve anything! Fencing is physically and mentally demanding – the main reasons why I love it so much. It’s pretty cool to also hold a sword! It’s very empowering, especially for women! My dream and future goal is to compete in the Olympics for Team Canada!



Here is a card they wrote for me at my time volunteering at the summer camp!

I’ve always found volunteering for amazing organizations, increasing awareness and helping individual people personally extremely rewarding. My volunteering journey began with Ryerson University and their children’s summer theatre camp. I assisted the Director with managing activities and a musical production of Shrek for children ranging from ages 5 – 13 years old. I lead activities with children which required superhero organizational skills! My priority was to ensure no child felt left out. It was very rewarding as all the children departed the camp with a new sense of belonging and confidence. It was such a wonderful experience spending time with children that shared a common interest with me – a love and appreciation for the theatre and the arts.

Making a Difference through Theatre

I’m currently in York University’s Theatre program. Since high school I discovered my passion for the Arts and Theatre. The roles I select to take on in plays usually have a theme and significant message to relay. They have a lasting impact to the audience; and are very relatable to the audience – even to myself. A couple of particular plays that “stayed” with me were “Blue” and “The Vagina Monologues”. It was with great pride that I partook in them as the monologues were spotlighted in support of Women at York University.

Here is me on left of the photo.

While I was in high school, I performed in the Paprika Festival which is held here in Toronto. The festival provides high school students the opportunity to create their own plays from scratch. I teamed up with my classmate who was directing and writing. After analyzing my character and understanding the message of the play – I was immediately drawn to it. It sent the message about society and mental depression –how it can easily be undetected and how it’s not taken seriously. My character was a young woman drowning in depression yet wasn’t reflected her appearance and her battle to overcome depression. The play reminded us all about how we should not judge and how a little kindness and understanding goes a long way. It reminded us about our inner strength, that quite often we don’t even know it’s there.

Here is a photo of me and my wonderful directors!

Emma Watson reading the Famous Monologues!

The Vagina Monologues. It was breathtaking. It was shocking – it was empowering to all women. It was amazing to see such support at York University on Women’s Day – what an amazing experience it was for me to have the privilege to present such brilliant writings. If you have never read them – you should! The monologues are based upon women from around the world – they shared their life experiences and we are transported to their world through their eyes. I portrayed a Bosnian woman nostalgic about her past life and the happiness of being a woman. She takes us to her heart wrenching war experience in Bangladesh. She expresses her experience of rape. Such monologues remind all of us and increase awareness of what women across the world are faced with – even today. It reminds women how crucial it is to support each other and find strength in each other. The event was hugely successful and raised funds for Women’s shelters.



As Miss Teenage Toronto 2017 I aim to increase awareness and raise money for research for the fight against breast cancer. I would like to empower women going through the toughest battle of lives; to give them strength; to give all women strength; to encourage women to support other women; to be united; to be confident; to never give up; to believe; TO BE FEARLESS.


Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my blog! I look forward to taking this journey with you all – stay tuned for blog posts!





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Hey guys! I’m back with another blog assignment. I am currently in Santa Monica writing this and its beautiful here. Anyways, back to the assignment –   we were asked to write about a popular place in our city/town or one we enjoy going to most. I picked the CN tower because I believe its the most universally known symbol for Toronto and Canada and I love going there so its perfect!

The Toronto CN Tower was originally built as a communications and observations tower finished in 1976. At the time of its’ completion, the tower was deemed the worlds’ largest free standing structure. The CN Tower is located in downtown Toronto and attracts both local and international tourists. Individuals can dine at the 360 degree rotating restaurant or stand on the famous glass floor thousands of feet above ground.


The CN tower gives individuals a complete view of the City of Toronto and some of the Greater Toronto Area from the skyline. The tower attracts more than 2 million people every year and is evidently seen in Toronto’s skyline.

Cn-Tower-51752newEdgeWalk2The CN Tower is 147 floors high and was named after the corporation who built it which was the Canadian National company. The buildings’ construction started in 1973 with a crew of over 1,500 people which worked on the tower for 40 months. It was opened to the public in 1976. This passed June 26th marked the 40-year anniversary of the opening of the tower.

In 1995 the tower was “declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World” by the American Society of Civil engineers.

Today, the tower is not only used for communications and observations as it was years ago – it stands as a popular tourist attraction including exceptional dining and other exciting and fun things to do.

CN-TowerNot only can CN tower tourists view the Toronto Skyline and dine in its’ outstanding rotating restaurant, the building also offers whats’ called the “edge walk”. The CN Tower “edgewalk” allows individuals to walk around the circumference of the tower’s roof. Exhilaration-seekers can view the entire city of Toronto from every angle around the tower while leaning over the ground beneath. Don’t worry – you’re attached to a harness and pole above you.


Personally, I have always loved the CN tower because it has always reminded me of my city. I see the tower as an international representation of Toronto and I believe the tower is the most popular physical association with the city of Toronto.

“Its a real landmark for Toronto around the world,” Patrick Quinn, an engineer who helped in the construction of the building said to Global News in June.


I have been going to the CN tower almost every year for family occasions, get togethers and birthdays. My favourite thing to do at the CN Tower is watch out the windows of the restaurant while rotating around the city and enjoying a great meal.


Whenever I think of the CN tower I think of the time I attended a family and friends get together there and my mom’s good friend announced she was pregnant. We were all so happy and surprised of her news which made the night even more sentimental. I have many very fond memories of times with the ones I love most at the CN tower.

If you are looking for a truly interesting, family-friendly and exhilarating destination to visit in Toronto, I highly recommend visiting the CN Tower.

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Hey guys! As you know, nationals is coming up and FAST. Today, we got a blog assignment which was designing a poster for Miss Teenage Canada. I decided to design mine electronically and I used images from the internet and edited them in pages to fit the MTC colours and specifics! Here is my image, hope you like!


JackieScreen Shot 2016-07-11 at 5.35.54 PM

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Hey guys!

Whew its summer!! Nationals are coming up soon! This year has gone by so quickly. I’ll tell you some of the things I’ve been doing this summer – mostly spending time with friends and family and have been at my cottage and relaxing. I have also been getting ready for the pageant by fundraising, working out and raising awareness about my platform! I have been enjoying my summer although its getting so hot in Toronto!

I have been fundraising for Free the Children and Fort McMurray by first asking my close family and friends if they would like to donate and also been raising money through doing lemonade stands, donation booths and going door to door in in my neighbourhood. I am hoping to be able to set up outside of a church service this Sunday and talk to individuals from the service about my platform as Miss Teenage Toronto titleholder and encourage those to donate to Free the Children and Fort Mcmurrary.

I have been getting myself ready for nationals by increasing my weekly workout routine and adding things like more running, pilates and weight training. It’s definitely been keeping me busy and has been getting me pumped for nationals!

Throughout the past few months I have also been raising awareness for my platform among my peers, family members and acquaintances. I have educated my family and close friends about the harm eating animal products can have on not only our bodies but the earth and environment. I enjoy being able to talk to new people about my platform of the ethical treatment of animals and my personal values as a vegan. Many have lots of questions and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my opinion and lifestyle with individuals!

As nationals are approaching, the online voting link has opened and is here: http://www.missteenagecanada.com/mtcw-…/finalist-details/506 don’t forget to vote for me so I can have a chance at fast tracking to the top 20 finalists!


Miss Teenage Toronto 2016 – Jacqueline <3

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Hey guys!! Its me again – your Miss Teenage Toronto 2016! I’m back from my vacation and ready to attack!! I’ll tell you a bit about my vacation. For starters, it was AMAZING! It was so relaxing and I got the chance to see many different locations and catch up on my reading and fix my disrupted sleep schedule!
I went to the beautiful British Virgin Islands. My family and I chartered a catamaran and went all around the wonderful tropical islands. We arrived in St. Johns and took a boat over from the U.S Virgin Islands to the British Virgin Islands then went to where we rented the boat. We stayed overnight in the boat and headed out the morning after. We first went to the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda (weird names, I know!). Its a hotel on an island with beautiful villas in the mountains and lots of stuff to do! We went for dinner there then left the morning after. We headed to the Baths the next day which is a part of the island of Virgin Gorda. Its a group of huge rocks on a beach that look like they are taken right from a movie set! So peaceful. We went snorkelling and ventured around a bit. We stayed for the night then headed to Monkey Point which is a calm beach about 10 miles away from the baths where we relaxed, tanned and read – oh and of course snorkelling. We left and went to a more populated area close to the Virgin Gorda airport called Copper Mine bay. We went to dinner at a cute little island hut and I had an amazing veggie wrap!
The island people didn’t seem to be too familiar with the term “vegan”, so a lot of the time I had to request vegetarian meals without things like yogurt, cheese or butter.
Anyways, we went to other places like Monkey Point, Salt Island and Jost Van Dyke. Unfortunately, while on vacation I ran into a disaster, I cut my foot really badly. I was holding the dinghy from going back into the water after it was beached on a beach near my catamaran and while holding onto it, the tide underneath pulled the boat and me along with it and it pulled me across a rock. It pulled me with it and across a rock and pulled out a piece of flesh from the side of my foot! I had to go to the hospital and get stitches which sucked!
I was still able to go swimming (with a bag over my foot) and enjoy my trip, but in a different sense lol!
Overall, my trip was amazing and so relaxing. I got to see so many different destinations in the British Virgin Islands and disconnect from my hectic schedule.
Write soon!
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Hey everyone reading!
This is my first post on my blog and I am thrilled to represent the title of Miss Teenage Toronto 2016! I’ll give you a little blurb about myself and what I’ve been doing since I was crowned – oh and a little about competing in the pageant!!
So, I’m Jacqueline (Jackie) and I’m 15 years old! I was crowned Miss Teenage Toronto 2016 in January at the Ontario provincial Miss Teenage Canada pageant. I am so happy to have moved on and be granted the amazing opportunity to represent my city in the upcoming National pageant!

I am so looking forward to how I can help my community and make positive changes regarding topics such as the issue my platform addresses, but other ones as well! I love animals and jewelry making and hanging with my friends! In my free time I love to work out, catch up with friends and do anything arts and craftsy (lol)! I met a lot of girls at the provincial pageant with similar interests as me which makes me even more excited for nationals to spend even more time with them!

Since I was crowed I was granted the opportunity to attend some local events at places like my neighbourhood church. I talked to my community members about my experiences preparing for, competing in and the aftermath of the pageant! I also was able to explain the process to some girls that are interested in competing next year! I hope to be able to attend more events like the one I went to in the near future! I was recently signed with Fulcher modelling agency in Toronto so I hope to get some new and updated pics on my blog!
Update soon!

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