Today was crazy! From being rushed between hair and make up, changing outfits, and locations, it was definitely chaos. Well an organized chaos, that was beyond fun. The talented make up artists from Modern Make up, and my hair stylist did amazing jobs making me feel and look beautiful.

After photoshoot, videoshoot, and interview, we were rushed off to rehearsal. Dancing and learning the choreography was so much fun!

post rehearsal

Crazy days like today can put a lot of pressure on you, and it’s important to remember to eat healthy and keep yourself feeling your best.

Thankfully we had an amazing healthy food sponsor, that provided us with lunch and dinner today, Clean Meals

Roast Beef with mashed potatoes meal, part of the Clean Health menu



Roast Beef with mashed potatoes meal, part of the Clean Health men








Clean meals provides balanced and nutritious meals with locally sourced fresh ingredients. Each meal is easy to prepare in under 3 minutes, which really helps to stay healthy when you’re busy and on the go. Not only that but also all the meals are antibiotics and hormone free, and under 500 calories. It seems almost too good to be true, but guess what?! It also comes in a vegan menu option! makes it quick and easy to stay healthy, without having to worry about grocery shopping and cooking!



Until next time,

Maya – Miss Teenage Toronto 2018

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Leaving for the pageant

Wow! Day 1 of the pageant was a total blur. I arrived and was greeted by Miss World Canada, Hanna Begovic, our pageant director, Michelle, as well as our chaperones.          

After carrying my millions of suitcases to my room, I met my amazing roommates, Alexa, Taela, and Olivia.

MAC Cosmetics Make up we received

We quickly got to know each other while getting ready for the sponsorship party, and became fast friends. Upon arriving at the party we received amazing gift bags filled with MAC cosmetics products, Jergens moisturizers, and more.

Although day 1 was short, I consider it a success so far!

Meeting Miss World Canada 2018, Hanna Begovic



Stay tuned for interview and photo shoot updates tomorrow!

Until next time,

Maya – Miss Teenage Toronto 2018

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Beauty is one of the most sought after things in our world.

There are millions of way people chase beauty. From crazy fads like the kylie Jenner lip challenge, dangerous diets, and extreme treatments, to injections and surgery. Few people address the real issues holding them back from beauty. Their health.

A famous idiom states that true beauty comes from within, originally meaning personality. However, it translates to physical beauty as well. Your body reflects how you treat it. Dark circles indicate lack of sleep, pallor and lackluster skin indicate lack of vitamins, acne indicates imbalances of hormones and toxins in the body.

Everything is connected, our hair, our skin, our nails, so instead of harsh chemical peels or treatments, why not the much simpler ways to rejuvenate your skin. From organic masks, to vegan treatments, to changing your diet, to simply drinking more water, these are all the basic steps to achieve healthy, clear, and vibrant skin.

As most people (including myself) attempt to go down the route of quick fixes in our struggle to find what work best in a short time, we opt for the least expensive products “all natural” options in drugstores, with no real results. The issue with “all natural” products is that this term is very broad. “Collagen” can mean dead collagen from animal trimmings, and parabens can be preservatives from chemical as well as natural, which can be found naturally in blueberries. When searching for what is good for our skin and hair we need to know what we are buying.

Beauty Lounge Salon & Spa

When I stumbled upon the Beauty Lounge Salon & Spa (1500 Bathurst Street), I met some incredible people who are truly there to help you be your most beautiful self. From their wide array of non-chemical treatments for both skin, hair, body contouring, and nails, to the incredible welcoming and relaxing environment they create, I was smitten. Most of the products sold at the salon are vegan and Certified Organic ,an eco-friendly environment with healthier methods of dyeing hair, and natural skin care products.

Paula Eriya, Salon Owner and Creator of T.R.Y. Miracle

Paula Eriya, Salon Owner and Creator of T.R.Y. Miracle

Paula, the owner and cosmetologist, has become almost a second mom for me throughout the salon’s sponsorship. From inviting me to exclusive events, to providing me with services that have truly improved my skin and hair tremendously. The Beauty Lounge Salon has also graciously donated their space for my fundraiser for the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention and WE the Charity.


My Beauty care at Beauty Lounge Salon begins with OxyGeneo™  Treatment, T.R.Y Miracle Hair Treatment and BCL Natural Manicure and Pedicure.

Before and After facial

My first treatments I got to try out was the OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Facial. This facial is made up of three main steps and has done something incredible to my skin. First it exfoliates, then infuses the skin with nutrient rich active ingredients, finally shooting CO2 bubbles onto the skin which trigger a physiological response, increasing capillary flow and helping the skin absorb all of the nutrients.

As a competitive swimmer and swim instructor the chlorine has wreaked havoc on my skin and hair. This is the first treatment that has left lasting results leaving my skin moisturized and soft.

T.R.Y. Miracle Hair Treatment

Post Hair treatment

Hair post treatment

The second treatment I got to try out was the T.R.Y. Miracle hair treatment, created by Paula, the Salon owner. All I can say is that the name says it all. It worked miracles. My hair has been destroyed by over 8 years of constantly being in the water. Bleached and brittle, nothing seemed to work on my hair. This treatment instantly provided results and I continued to see those results three weeks in, so much so, that people are constantly asking what I did because it looks and feels amazing.

Of all the treatments, products, and colors I have tried, nothing has really worked or done the trick until now. I am so happy to have found a place that truly cares about helping me be the most beautiful me, inside and out.

BCL Skin Care Treatments

Last but not lease I receives my manicure and Pedicure with the BCL all natural skin care line one of three that Beauty Lounge offer.  After my facial care, my hair care and hand and foot care, I can honestly say I was treated and pampered from head to literally. Needless to say Beauty Lounge Salon and Spa has totally won me over.  

Mention Maya – Miss Teen Toronto for 20% off services at Beauty Lounge Salon & Spa (1500 Bathurst Street, St. Clair and Bathurst)


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Chanel Tracksuit from JustThrift Orfus

When JustThrift Orfus (located at 53 Orfus rd, North York, ON M6A 1L7) chose to sponsor me I was beyond thrilled! My love of fashion has led me to this incredible thrift store, and those who know me, have heard me sing their praises long before this sponsorship. I am excited to share my love of thrifting through this blog and an exclusive discount at JustThrift Orfus. Mention #MayaMissTeenToronto for 15% off of your purchase.


Adidas Dress from JustThrift Orfus


Australian Wool Cardigan and Champion Bodysuit from JustThrift Orfus

Every now and then we all wander into a thrift store in search of a hidden gem, start browsing, and then, upon seeing mounds of outdated garbage and the overpowering stench of mothballs, give up before they can be found.

Vintage Italian Kappa Backpack from JustThrift Orfus

Thrifting is a full commitment. Hours of searching, sometimes can be fruitless. Other times you can find something in a moment. This is one of the many things that can turn people away from thrifting.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? What if I told you there are thrift stores that are full of unique pieces. Both one of a kind vintage, and new in season brand names.

Bape Sweatpants from JustThrift Orfus

The only issues is that most of these types of “high end” thrift stores have low stock and high prices.

Can you imagine a thrift store that fit all the criteria? High end, quality, stock, unique, AND affordable? I couldn’t.

Tommy Hilfiger Jersey from JustThrift Orfus

Until around a year ago, when I wandered into JustThrift on Orfus rd. I had been browsing the Orfus Road outlet stores when I stumbled onto this incredible thrift store.

Fila tee and Levis shorts from JustThrift Orfus

It is very close to Yorkdale mall, so every time I was in the area I would stop by, never walking away empty handed. This store has become my absolute go to.

Over time I have created a collection of unique pieces that have all come from JustThrift. From adidas, fila, nike, tommy hilfiger, Christian dior, Louis Vuitton, chanel, armani, to topshop, holt renfrew, levis, champion, and guess, you are guaranteed to leave with something incredible.

All throughout this post, I have included some photos of looks that I have created with pieces from JustThrift. Whether you are an experienced thrifter, or a novice looking for some unique finds, JustThrift Orfus is the place for you!

Mention #MayaMissTeenToronto for 15% off of your purchase.

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Hello all! My name is Maya, and I am beyond excited and honestly dumbfounded to say that I am your Miss Teenage Toronto 2018. I am still in shock, and I cannot wait to represent my diverse, beautiful city at nationals this summer!


Let me start with a little bit about me! I am 17 years old, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I recently retired from competitive swimming, and graduated from an AP high school program (a semester early). Ever since I was a young girl, I was always interesting in health, athletics and helping people, sending me straight to the field of kinesiology and sports medicine. I am proud to say that I will be attending Queen’s U for BSc in Kinesiology and Health sciences this fall.




After being crowned Miss Teen Toronto 2018

Although I have never done pageants before, I have always loved the spotlight. Musicals, plays, Shakespeare, poetry slams… you name it! Unfortunately as school and swimming became more serious, I no longer had time for these things. However, when I finished school, I had a lot more time on my hands. So when I noticed an ad for Miss Teen Canada, I was instantly hooked. Fast forward a couple months and a whole lot of work later, I was crowned as Miss Teen Toronto 2018. Although I did not win Miss Ontario, I was overjoyed to become this year’s title holder for Toronto and cannot wait use this title as platform for my beliefs and to compete for Miss Teen Canada.


Crowned alongside Jessica, Miss Teen Vaughan 2018

I remember standing at the back of the stage

holding hands with the amazing friends I had made in the past 48 hours, hoping and praying that all of us would make it. I didn’t care what positions we received, I didn’t want to leave a friend behind. I was just hoping that our best would be enough. The shock and joy of hearing myself and these amazing girls being called as finalists, was an incredible feeling. We all stood hand in hand shaking in awe. 48 hours earlier we were only a few out of many girls, all hopeful, and 48 hours later, together, we made it through.


Race start at competition!

I have always loved swimming, and the water has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. From water skiing and sailing, to snorkeling and scuba diving, there is nothing you can do in the water that I haven’t tried. Because of this, retiring from competitive swimming after nearly 8 years was heartbreaking. My final competitions allowed me to represent team Canada at the 2017 Maccabiah Games.

Scuba diving in Ecuador!

Losing such a large part of my life was very difficult for me, but I translated my love for the sport into teaching swimming and aqua fitness, as well as lifeguarding and scuba diving. I love sharing my experiences and using my abilities to share my love of the water with others. Water is also very therapeutic. I had periods of my life where I suffered from anxiety and depression, and water has always given me an escape, something that a lot of people do not have.

In the weeks leading up to the pageant, two of my peers commited suicide. One of these was a member of the same program as me, a classmate, someone who I saw everyday in the hallway who wasn’t there anymore. Although I was not close with either of these students, I was still affected. It reminded me of my hard times, and those feelings of hopelessness. It terrified me to think that although so many young adults go through these struggles, there those who don’t have that escape, who don’t get help, or don’t believe that anyone can or will help them.

Participating in this pageant and winning a regional title has in a way, filled my loss of my sanctuary. It has given me the means to continue helping people and to work on my platform of Suicide Prevention in Canada. I am working with the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, and will be holding information booths and fundraisers for this cause.


Thanks for reading, I am excited to see where the journey to nationals will take us! Stay tuned for more posts!


                        Until next time,


Feel free to follow me on social media linked below:

Instagram: @maya.eidelle

Facebook: @MissTeenToronto2018

Twitter: @misstoronto2018

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Hey Guys! It’s official pageant week and the fun has already begun! We kicked of the week with a VIP sponsorship party! Oh what fun it was, to not only meet all of the lovely girls, but a few of our amazing sponsors!!!!! Ok lets begin this deicide blog to our wonderful sponsors….

I’m on the far right with the black shoes!

Street Chic Canada

To start of this blog I would love to start of with Street Chic Magazine Canada! In a previous blog post of mine I had the opportunity to interview my fellow Torontonians about their style and how they make it unique. Street Chic Canada gave me the wonderful opportunity to not only promote lovely Toronto, but what Torontoions ways of expressing themselves through their unique style. Street Chic Magazine Canada gave me the opportunity to write my first fashion article and interview some very stylish torontions. What an amazing opportunity Thank you again! Street Chic Canada Is devoted in finding Toronto/Canada amazing fashion on the streets! They promote the individuality and culture that Canada has to offer. As well as the unique people that shine with their style choices. Here is a link to their one of a kind website! As well as my link to my article!

It was so lovely to meet the editor Lily of Street Chic Magazine Canada. From the moment I meet Lily I had to tell her how much fashion is such a huge influence on my life. And how from my perspective can boost your confidence to showing your true personality shining throuout your own unique style! Also how Street Chic Canada gives the opportunity to promote individuality and self expressions in Canada. Thank You again to both Lilly and Rob Cambell for providing us with this once in a life time opportunity! Thank you for the lovely flower earnings as well! They go with everything I wear!

Are You Up to the Time? Watch Collection.

Keeping track of time in life is so important, especially during pageant week! So why not look spectacular when in a rush! Our classic and safisitaed watch sponsor is the Uptothetime Watches has various styles for every single of one of you! Whether you go modern like me! With a classy all silver watch or a red classic colour is always a great way to make a style statement! No matter where you are its always important pay attention to the detail of your overall outfit which is your assccrories! The Uptothetime Watches supports children’s education. With every item sold 10% of the purchase will go to children having a stronger education.



Thank you the Wandering Minstrel Music school for giving the girls a chance to show of their amazing voices! Also thank you for providing us This was a great way to get to know all the gals and their amazing voices! Also thank you for providing us with various music instruments as well to show off the talents!


Hashtagio social media aggregator is a major part of the social media here at Miss Teenage Canada! We are using the hastage #MTC2017 and shows up on the instgram feed! Hastago has collected these images in a montage syle online!


This was definitely on of my fav parts of the night! Meeting my other half Miss World Toronto! Alice was promoting of our sponsors Super Adorbs Jewellery and fashion excseories! These pieces really enhance the style of your outfit! I got the most beautiful head band with a design of all black lace! It’s a very Dolce and Gabbana, which I love! They really do have styles for everyone! You can buy their items online as well as here In Toronto!




The perfect beauty queen smile starts with a bright white teeth!Thank you Archer Dental for providing us with some wonderful products! I feel always most confident when I smile and love these products!




Golden Glamour Goddess

Golden Glamour goddess! Wow what a beautiful name! These are the wonderful sponsors providing us with golden tans and hair products! I defiantly felt like a goddess when trying their lovely products! Thank you for sponsoring Miss Teenage Canada!






Nine West Shoes! Our official shoe sponsor! I love this adorable black heel shoes! They are mix of classy and chic! It’s a great shoe in the daytime and the evening! For work or for fun!







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My Final Platform Blog!

My “The Beauty Inisde” Children’s Book!

Partnership with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada


The day has arrived and it was so nice meeting everyone! Good Luck to all – it’s going to be an amazing week!

My final blog is dear to my heart. In keeping with my “Find Your Beauty Inside” Campaign, I’ve partnered with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada to increase awareness for breast cancer research. I’m truly honored. My Beauty Inside journey has further inspired me to take action and promote the empowerment of girls – so during my time as Miss Teenage Toronto – I wrote a children’s book! Honestly, this was so personally rewarding for me – as no matter what the outcome is after the pageant, I’m very happy to have completed one of my life dreams!

About The Beauty Inside Children’s Book

An effective way of sending the message of girl (and youth) empowerment is through a story!

My book was based on my personal experience with bullying and my goal was to create an inspirational book that young girls could relate to and give them confidence. I wrote the book from the perspective of the main character that I created and named Olive. Her name is very significant – as the meaning of Olive is peace.

Olive is creative in the way she dresses – she wears a pink polkadot dress, ribbons in her hair and pink shoes. She loves doing kind things for others such as handing out ice cream on the first day of her new school. Olive throughout the book however is continually bullied for being herself. She later finds a friend who supports her and encourages her be herself and be confident. Olive is inspired and Finds her Beauty Inside! She is confident and fearless!

I dedicated my children’s book to my mom for her endless love and support.


Reading my The Beauty Inside Children’s Book at Glen Briar Academy

I had the opportunity to read my book for the very first time to children (ages 4 -12) at the Glen Briar Academy School during their annual summer camp! I also had a chance to take to utilize my theatre skills by playing a fun drama game with the children! I had each child in the class select a scene from the book that has the most meaning to them and reenact it! They enjoyed the game immensely – and related to be made fun of and felt a sense of personal healing when we helped resolve it. Iwas touched when we asked the children what they felt the book was about after the reading it. They excitedly responded “it’s about your Beauty Inside!!” and “Feeling good about yourself!”

My Partnership With The Breast Cancer Society Of Canada


As my “Beauty Inside” Campaign advocates the empowerment of women, I wanted to work with an organization that supports the same. After my mother’s day walk in May held by the Breast Cancer Society of Canada (BCSC), I was approached by the BCSC to work in partnership with them. I’m very honored to work with the BCSC as they support lifesaving research and help women find courage and strength every single day. So far I’ve raised $300 for breast cancer research and plan to continue my fundraising efforts during Breast Cancer month in October 2017.

Wishing everyone a Beauty Inside Day




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I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend! Our second blog challenge involved speaking with Torontonians about their fashion style and photographing them in their stylish outfits! I enjoyed having the opportunity to interview and getting to know people – people with differing interests and diverse backgrounds.

This challenge was exceptionally rewarding for me as taking photos presents the opportunity to showcase and reflect a person’s individuality and character. (including my own!) I interviewed quite a few Torontonians and selected the top three individuals that reflected the different and unique styles worn in Toronto. You can see my full interviews with the three fashionistas in my latest Montage!

Yorkville & Cumberland Street

I selected Cumberland Street in the Yorkville Toronto area to find Torontonians with amazing style! Primarily the street was selected due to its unique style and fashion diversity. When seeking clothing of style, impeccable design, ingenuity and originality – I think Yorkville and directly go to Cumberland Street. The people in area have a strong sense of individuality and sense of style – and just by taking a short walk and observing the area, it’s immediately evident is hot spot is a fashion nugget! 

The area is a major shopping magnet – another reason for the location selection for the interviews and photographs! There is a wide spectrum of stores on the street with designer labels as Kate Spade and Tanya Heath. The other side of the spectrum includes boutique stores such as “Maxi Boutique” and “Rainbow Boutique”. The area and street surroundings alone project beauty and style – starting with the quaint old-fashioned style brown tiles, to the walkway of pink flowers – showcasing and celebrating femininity. Even the signage adds to the classic style of the area – the visual fashion advertisements create a catwalk of fashion creating the feeling of a live fashion show!

Having your own unique Style

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” —Coco Chanel.

Fashion Icon Coco Chanel had a major impact on women’s clothing and in the fashion industry. The quote expresses staying true to one’s self and style – because every woman is truly one of a kind.

My Yorkville Cumberland Street style inspiration came from the unique styles of Torontonians. The three ladies specifically were chosen based on their unique style and individuality. All three ladies used fashion to express themselves and their individual style – they are true to themselves and portray an image to the world about their true selves.

Meet Emily – Cool Girl meets Chic

The first Torontonian interviewed was Emily – she’s18 years young and a student with the most wonderful sense of style! Emily admires bold designers such as Jeremy Scott and is confident and loyal with her style choices. She truly reflects the title of “Cool Girl Meets Chic” as her style is distinct and simple, yet on trend. Her black top paired with a velvet tanned skirt and tanned stiletto boots is very on point with Toronto fashion! Emily’s advice to girls on their fashion choices revolves around individuality and is reflected in her comments: “Whatever makes you happy, whatever makes you feel comfortable, is the best!”


Meet Nihan – Elegance Meets the Modern Day Gal

The second girl is Nihan – who is 17 and recently graduated from high school. She hands down has one of my favorite looks of the day! She blends classic and modern in her wardrobe by adding an elegant jacket over a modern bralette and a sheer black top. She keeps her style casual with jeans and white sunglasses. A signature looks of the Yorkville area and quite often worn by celebrities! She describes her looks to be “Organic” and “Natural” and her overall style as “Lazy Chic”. Nihan admires the designer Versace and if she designed an outfit it would consist of faux leather. When asked about empowerment of girls and the message she would relay under a shoe – she expressed simply listing the letter “I” under shoes to empower girls. “You need to feel like your true self and make sure it’s comfortable!”.


Meet Arya Classic Rock Meets The Future Girl

Last but definitely not least, we have Arya – while working as a professional Theatre stage actor, she is finishing up her Degree at York University! She’s confident and the same is reflected in her fashion style choices. Her style is fluid and varies day to day and her selections are based on her mood. “But usually I would say it’s very edgy with a Boho kind a feel to it” she expressed. Arya is on trend with a white star tank top, black jean and completes her looks with a leather black jacket. Her signature style is marked with distinctive accessories and her unique brightly colored hair. She admires the work of Alexander McQueen and carries an open-minded attitude towards fashion and embracing various styles much like the late designer

When asked about an accessory she would design to promote the empowerment of women, she replied “It would be a black leather cuff, in the front of it would be two silver sterling hands holding each other”. This accessory is a reflection of Arya and represents the strength of women.

Alexia Your classic Modern Girl (Me!)

I’m 19 years old and going into second year at York University in the AMPD (Arts, Media, Production & Design) program. My passions are with photography and writing. Some of my recent awards include Outstanding Achievement for Film & Editing and my recent accomplishments include writing a children’s book which reflects my platform and girl empowerment.

I also photographed the three girls for Street Chic Magazine. I decided to wear a one piece jumpsuit in a bright hot pink and black heel shoe. With all my wardrobe selections I aim to project a confident style while staying true to my individual style.


If I were to have my own shoe line, the message conveyed would be about the empowerment of girls. Under the shoe, the message would state my platform’s campaign “Find Your Beauty Inside”. The purpose would be to inspire all girls to positive; to be confident; believe in themselves; to be FEARLESS; and they will accomplish everything they set their minds to and accomplish their dreams.



Link To Street Chic Article!


Written by: Alexia Antonio
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Toronto. T.O. The Six. Is the place to be! It’s the most exciting, vibrant, and cultural city across our Beautiful and Breathtaking Canada! Toronto is such a buzz these days more than ever!

What comes to mind when you think of Toronto? Well here are just a few examples that come to mind….

Torontonians! We are known for being great people and polite!

  1. Diversity! Toronto is admired and loved around the world for our diverse cultures!
  2. Arts and Films! Toronto hosts the annual and world famous TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). People from all over the world travel to Toronto to attend Canadian and International film premieres and catch a glimpse of the film stars
  3. Music! Toronto holds festivals such as the Toronto Jazz Festival and we have so much home grown talent such as Drake, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber!
  4. Sports! Home to the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Argos & the Toronto Maple Leafs!
  5. Landmarks! Top on the list is the CN Tower & the Edgewalk!
  6. The spectacular Toronto skyline! Identified world-wide and seen in many films!
  7. Markets! We love our markets! Distillery District being one of the top ones!
  8. Markets! We love our markets! Distillery District being one of the top ones!
  9. Shopping & Restaurants! Dining in Yorkville is second to none!

Toronto ranks high as one of the top cities to live in the world – as it has everything anyone could ask for and seek – culture, history, great food & entertainment and amazing welcoming people. I’ve decided to select my favorite area in Toronto and the area that reflects all of the above – the charming yet modern Yorkville area!




Yorkville has an abundance of history – being named after the Town of York, it had the distinction of being the first art in village in Toronto. In recent years Yorkville was officially recognized by Heritage Toronto for being home to Canadian music history. Despite being part of the big city of Toronto, Yorkville has always maintained its own identity and has become a main shopping magnet!

Yorkville is a favorite area of mine because of it’s culture, unique restaurants, shopping, markets, sitting areas, and events. The variety of stores only adds to what makes this area so special and unique. The area boasts both classic and modern surroundings and a visual favorite by many photographers. Many Torontonians and visitors take their event photos in Yorkville; displaying the old fashioned yet classic look from the heritage buildings and the modern vibe from more current buildings. I’ve grown up in Toronto and the Yorkville area has always been it’s my main destination when seeking a peaceful stroll to reflect and focus. If you’re looking for a great place to take a break from our fast paced Toronto life – I highly recommend spending the entire day and evening in Yorkville!

Let’s spend the day together in Yorkville!

The Yorkville area is a main Toronto’s hot spot with endless shops and cafes many transformed from exquisite Victorian homes. You can enjoy Yorkville by strolling through the shops and its art galleries specializing in local artists and sculptures. Above all Yorkville is known for the shopping and the fashionable and the famous! A major event in Toronto is Toronto International Film Festival whereby Yorkville becomes the festival hub for the film stars – making Yorkville an even more popular location to be at! Other well-known events include the Summer Music in the Park music series and the annual Exotic car show – both taking place throughout the summer in the Yorkville Village.

The Yorkville area is best described as having a laid-back lounge vibe. It’s full of beautiful hotels, great hideaways and roof top lounges offering spectacular city views.

Yorkville is a shopper’s paradise! It’s fashion has no limits offering men’s, women’s and children’s clothing The shops range from major clothing chains stores to International designer brands and haute couture. Yorkville also has Hazelton Lanes an amazing indoor shopping centre!


Boulder in the Yorkville Parkette – enjoy a refreshing gelato and relax on top of the massive rock! It’s my favorite place to relax and enjoy people watching and all the fancy cars drive by! It’s also the perfect place to catch up on your reading and soak up some rays! Over the winter Holidays this area is transformed into a winter wonderland making the area magical and picturesque. In February the area is again transformed for the famous ICEFEST with the highlight of the event being the ice sculpture displays and competition. This competition is held annually and is a truly a spectacular and must see event. This year will be an extra special event to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!

Sassafraz’ Restaurant is major landmark of Yorkville and located in “The Heart of Yorkville”. It’ maintains its French style and architecture projecting both New Time and Old Time style. This quaint yellow Victorian rowhouse has a warm welcoming atmosphere while displaying a modern style. A top dessert on the menu is the chocolate cake! I was so touched by a message they sent to my table!




Fun fact: did you know that Sassafras started the Yorkville Ice Carving Competition? Yes they did!




Not only is Sassafraz the top restaurant in Yorkville, it’s one of the most giving. They continually give back to the Toronto community supporting charities such as the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation, The Canadian Foundation for Aids Research, and Second Harvest. The Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundations mission is to support and remember firefighters who died saving lives. This charity is particularly special to Sassafraz as in December 13th of 2006, they faced a major fire and since then they wanted to acknowledge the firefighters enormous efforts and their dedication in saving this unique building. Sassafraz further supports the charity by donating $100 dollars to The Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation every time a guest reserves a spot in the VIP lounge balcony. On an environmental level, they have incorporated clean air technology into the restaurant with a living bio-wall – which consists of a 20 foot wall of living plants next to a calming waterfall – that filters the indoor air for guests!

On the Arts front, they support and work in partnership with TIFF, support Hotdocs, The Canadian Film Centre and the theatre company Buddies and Bad Times.

It’s evident Sassafraz is committed and dedicated to giving back and helping others – and making a stronger Toronto community – Not only do I enjoy this restaurant for its food and atmosphere, but I can proudly state I’m a customer to a Yorkville establishment that gives back to the Toronto community. For those of you who haven’t been to Sassafraz yet, I highly recommend it next time you’re in beautiful Yorkville, Toronto!


Written by: Alexia Antonio
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