Toronto. T.O. The Six. Is the place to be! It’s the most exciting, vibrant, and cultural city across our Beautiful and Breathtaking Canada! Toronto is such a buzz these days more than ever!

What comes to mind when you think of Toronto? Well here are just a few examples that come to mind….

Torontonians! We are known for being great people and polite!

  1. Diversity! Toronto is admired and loved around the world for our diverse cultures!
  2. Arts and Films! Toronto hosts the annual and world famous TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). People from all over the world travel to Toronto to attend Canadian and International film premieres and catch a glimpse of the film stars
  3. Music! Toronto holds festivals such as the Toronto Jazz Festival and we have so much home grown talent such as Drake, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber!
  4. Sports! Home to the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Argos & the Toronto Maple Leafs!
  5. Landmarks! Top on the list is the CN Tower & the Edgewalk!
  6. The spectacular Toronto skyline! Identified world-wide and seen in many films!
  7. Markets! We love our markets! Distillery District being one of the top ones!
  8. Markets! We love our markets! Distillery District being one of the top ones!
  9. Shopping & Restaurants! Dining in Yorkville is second to none!

Toronto ranks high as one of the top cities to live in the world – as it has everything anyone could ask for and seek – culture, history, great food & entertainment and amazing welcoming people. I’ve decided to select my favorite area in Toronto and the area that reflects all of the above – the charming yet modern Yorkville area!




Yorkville has an abundance of history – being named after the Town of York, it had the distinction of being the first art in village in Toronto. In recent years Yorkville was officially recognized by Heritage Toronto for being home to Canadian music history. Despite being part of the big city of Toronto, Yorkville has always maintained its own identity and has become a main shopping magnet!

Yorkville is a favorite area of mine because of it’s culture, unique restaurants, shopping, markets, sitting areas, and events. The variety of stores only adds to what makes this area so special and unique. The area boasts both classic and modern surroundings and a visual favorite by many photographers. Many Torontonians and visitors take their event photos in Yorkville; displaying the old fashioned yet classic look from the heritage buildings and the modern vibe from more current buildings. I’ve grown up in Toronto and the Yorkville area has always been it’s my main destination when seeking a peaceful stroll to reflect and focus. If you’re looking for a great place to take a break from our fast paced Toronto life – I highly recommend spending the entire day and evening in Yorkville!

Let’s spend the day together in Yorkville!

The Yorkville area is a main Toronto’s hot spot with endless shops and cafes many transformed from exquisite Victorian homes. You can enjoy Yorkville by strolling through the shops and its art galleries specializing in local artists and sculptures. Above all Yorkville is known for the shopping and the fashionable and the famous! A major event in Toronto is Toronto International Film Festival whereby Yorkville becomes the festival hub for the film stars – making Yorkville an even more popular location to be at! Other well-known events include the Summer Music in the Park music series and the annual Exotic car show – both taking place throughout the summer in the Yorkville Village.

The Yorkville area is best described as having a laid-back lounge vibe. It’s full of beautiful hotels, great hideaways and roof top lounges offering spectacular city views.

Yorkville is a shopper’s paradise! It’s fashion has no limits offering men’s, women’s and children’s clothing The shops range from major clothing chains stores to International designer brands and haute couture. Yorkville also has Hazelton Lanes an amazing indoor shopping centre!


Boulder in the Yorkville Parkette – enjoy a refreshing gelato and relax on top of the massive rock! It’s my favorite place to relax and enjoy people watching and all the fancy cars drive by! It’s also the perfect place to catch up on your reading and soak up some rays! Over the winter Holidays this area is transformed into a winter wonderland making the area magical and picturesque. In February the area is again transformed for the famous ICEFEST with the highlight of the event being the ice sculpture displays and competition. This competition is held annually and is a truly a spectacular and must see event. This year will be an extra special event to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!

Sassafraz’ Restaurant is major landmark of Yorkville and located in “The Heart of Yorkville”. It’ maintains its French style and architecture projecting both New Time and Old Time style. This quaint yellow Victorian rowhouse has a warm welcoming atmosphere while displaying a modern style. A top dessert on the menu is the chocolate cake! I was so touched by a message they sent to my table!




Fun fact: did you know that Sassafras started the Yorkville Ice Carving Competition? Yes they did!




Not only is Sassafraz the top restaurant in Yorkville, it’s one of the most giving. They continually give back to the Toronto community supporting charities such as the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation, The Canadian Foundation for Aids Research, and Second Harvest. The Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundations mission is to support and remember firefighters who died saving lives. This charity is particularly special to Sassafraz as in December 13th of 2006, they faced a major fire and since then they wanted to acknowledge the firefighters enormous efforts and their dedication in saving this unique building. Sassafraz further supports the charity by donating $100 dollars to The Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation every time a guest reserves a spot in the VIP lounge balcony. On an environmental level, they have incorporated clean air technology into the restaurant with a living bio-wall – which consists of a 20 foot wall of living plants next to a calming waterfall – that filters the indoor air for guests!

On the Arts front, they support and work in partnership with TIFF, support Hotdocs, The Canadian Film Centre and the theatre company Buddies and Bad Times.

It’s evident Sassafraz is committed and dedicated to giving back and helping others – and making a stronger Toronto community – Not only do I enjoy this restaurant for its food and atmosphere, but I can proudly state I’m a customer to a Yorkville establishment that gives back to the Toronto community. For those of you who haven’t been to Sassafraz yet, I highly recommend it next time you’re in beautiful Yorkville, Toronto!


Written by: Alexia Antonio
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