I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend! Our second blog challenge involved speaking with Torontonians about their fashion style and photographing them in their stylish outfits! I enjoyed having the opportunity to interview and getting to know people – people with differing interests and diverse backgrounds.

This challenge was exceptionally rewarding for me as taking photos presents the opportunity to showcase and reflect a person’s individuality and character. (including my own!) I interviewed quite a few Torontonians and selected the top three individuals that reflected the different and unique styles worn in Toronto. You can see my full interviews with the three fashionistas in my latest Montage!

Yorkville & Cumberland Street

I selected Cumberland Street in the Yorkville Toronto area to find Torontonians with amazing style! Primarily the street was selected due to its unique style and fashion diversity. When seeking clothing of style, impeccable design, ingenuity and originality – I think Yorkville and directly go to Cumberland Street. The people in area have a strong sense of individuality and sense of style – and just by taking a short walk and observing the area, it’s immediately evident is hot spot is a fashion nugget! 

The area is a major shopping magnet – another reason for the location selection for the interviews and photographs! There is a wide spectrum of stores on the street with designer labels as Kate Spade and Tanya Heath. The other side of the spectrum includes boutique stores such as “Maxi Boutique” and “Rainbow Boutique”. The area and street surroundings alone project beauty and style – starting with the quaint old-fashioned style brown tiles, to the walkway of pink flowers – showcasing and celebrating femininity. Even the signage adds to the classic style of the area – the visual fashion advertisements create a catwalk of fashion creating the feeling of a live fashion show!

Having your own unique Style

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” —Coco Chanel.

Fashion Icon Coco Chanel had a major impact on women’s clothing and in the fashion industry. The quote expresses staying true to one’s self and style – because every woman is truly one of a kind.

My Yorkville Cumberland Street style inspiration came from the unique styles of Torontonians. The three ladies specifically were chosen based on their unique style and individuality. All three ladies used fashion to express themselves and their individual style – they are true to themselves and portray an image to the world about their true selves.

Meet Emily – Cool Girl meets Chic

The first Torontonian interviewed was Emily – she’s18 years young and a student with the most wonderful sense of style! Emily admires bold designers such as Jeremy Scott and is confident and loyal with her style choices. She truly reflects the title of “Cool Girl Meets Chic” as her style is distinct and simple, yet on trend. Her black top paired with a velvet tanned skirt and tanned stiletto boots is very on point with Toronto fashion! Emily’s advice to girls on their fashion choices revolves around individuality and is reflected in her comments: “Whatever makes you happy, whatever makes you feel comfortable, is the best!”


Meet Nihan – Elegance Meets the Modern Day Gal

The second girl is Nihan – who is 17 and recently graduated from high school. She hands down has one of my favorite looks of the day! She blends classic and modern in her wardrobe by adding an elegant jacket over a modern bralette and a sheer black top. She keeps her style casual with jeans and white sunglasses. A signature looks of the Yorkville area and quite often worn by celebrities! She describes her looks to be “Organic” and “Natural” and her overall style as “Lazy Chic”. Nihan admires the designer Versace and if she designed an outfit it would consist of faux leather. When asked about empowerment of girls and the message she would relay under a shoe – she expressed simply listing the letter “I” under shoes to empower girls. “You need to feel like your true self and make sure it’s comfortable!”.


Meet Arya Classic Rock Meets The Future Girl

Last but definitely not least, we have Arya – while working as a professional Theatre stage actor, she is finishing up her Degree at York University! She’s confident and the same is reflected in her fashion style choices. Her style is fluid and varies day to day and her selections are based on her mood. “But usually I would say it’s very edgy with a Boho kind a feel to it” she expressed. Arya is on trend with a white star tank top, black jean and completes her looks with a leather black jacket. Her signature style is marked with distinctive accessories and her unique brightly colored hair. She admires the work of Alexander McQueen and carries an open-minded attitude towards fashion and embracing various styles much like the late designer

When asked about an accessory she would design to promote the empowerment of women, she replied “It would be a black leather cuff, in the front of it would be two silver sterling hands holding each other”. This accessory is a reflection of Arya and represents the strength of women.

Alexia Your classic Modern Girl (Me!)

I’m 19 years old and going into second year at York University in the AMPD (Arts, Media, Production & Design) program. My passions are with photography and writing. Some of my recent awards include Outstanding Achievement for Film & Editing and my recent accomplishments include writing a children’s book which reflects my platform and girl empowerment.

I also photographed the three girls for Street Chic Magazine. I decided to wear a one piece jumpsuit in a bright hot pink and black heel shoe. With all my wardrobe selections I aim to project a confident style while staying true to my individual style.


If I were to have my own shoe line, the message conveyed would be about the empowerment of girls. Under the shoe, the message would state my platform’s campaign “Find Your Beauty Inside”. The purpose would be to inspire all girls to positive; to be confident; believe in themselves; to be FEARLESS; and they will accomplish everything they set their minds to and accomplish their dreams.



Link To Street Chic Article!



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