Happy June Everyone! Summer and Sunshine is here! Over last few weeks my “Beauty Inside” journey continues and takes me to my Love of the Arts! The Beauty Inside journey is about finding yourself and your passions and appreciating all the beauty life offers! It’s all there for the taking….you just have to know where to look!

Toronto held its annual “Artfest” in historical and one-of-a kind Distillery District! For those of you who perhaps have not been to the unique area – it’s a must! The Art festival showcased the Artistic community with a focus on brilliant works of art. I strolled through the walkways and reflected upon the creative artistic displays, breathtaking paintings and live music artists! This Arts festival also reflected a few pieces of my heart – painting and photography. <3 I love to create artwork through photography and I ended up taking photos at the famous love locks!

As a part of my “The Beauty Inside Campaign” one of my goals is to also find the beauty inside of others – and I did just that! The Artfest was full of community members who are involved with the local artists and support artists. It was an honor to have the opportunity to speak with many of artists about their journeys in the Art world and about their passion for their art.

The Arts presents the window into an Artist’s mind. Their passion, strength and devotion is inspiring. Their never ending dream to bring beauty and their vision into the world – and how willing they are to share their dream with the world.

As an Arts student myself, the Arts present me with the opportunity for self-expression, and the vehicle to communicate my thoughts and feeling to others. Being a part of the Arts allows me to unfold around everyone and enables me to self-express myself in the way that I desire to be portrayed. The Arts allows me to be in tune with my emotions and express them in various ways to others.

The Art world has made me understand that my life environment affects who I am as a person and who I will be in the future. It has increased my awareness of people, places, and new ideas that I would not be otherwise been exposed to. It has opened my eyes to different aspects of the world and increased my awareness of all the possible emotions a person can have and the many different forms of expression that exist. Because of the Arts I have become a more open minded person. I have become a more creative person. This applies to my acting, writing, filming and painting and many other areas of my life. My mind is more capable of being more open to more ideas. The Arts encourage self-expression and allows me to be become the creative person that I want to be.


 Art is Not What You See

But What You Make Others See



Written by: Alexia Antonio
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  1. Miss Teenage Avalon says:

    The art pieces look amazing! This is such an interesting event. It sounds like an incredible way to promote your campaign. I hope it was very successful for you.

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