Hey guys! I’m back with another blog assignment. I am currently in Santa Monica writing this and its beautiful here. Anyways, back to the assignment –   we were asked to write about a popular place in our city/town or one we enjoy going to most. I picked the CN tower because I believe its the most universally known symbol for Toronto and Canada and I love going there so its perfect!

The Toronto CN Tower was originally built as a communications and observations tower finished in 1976. At the time of its’ completion, the tower was deemed the worlds’ largest free standing structure. The CN Tower is located in downtown Toronto and attracts both local and international tourists. Individuals can dine at the 360 degree rotating restaurant or stand on the famous glass floor thousands of feet above ground.


The CN tower gives individuals a complete view of the City of Toronto and some of the Greater Toronto Area from the skyline. The tower attracts more than 2 million people every year and is evidently seen in Toronto’s skyline.

Cn-Tower-51752newEdgeWalk2The CN Tower is 147 floors high and was named after the corporation who built it which was the Canadian National company. The buildings’ construction started in 1973 with a crew of over 1,500 people which worked on the tower for 40 months. It was opened to the public in 1976. This passed June 26th marked the 40-year anniversary of the opening of the tower.

In 1995 the tower was “declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World” by the American Society of Civil engineers.

Today, the tower is not only used for communications and observations as it was years ago – it stands as a popular tourist attraction including exceptional dining and other exciting and fun things to do.

CN-TowerNot only can CN tower tourists view the Toronto Skyline and dine in its’ outstanding rotating restaurant, the building also offers whats’ called the “edge walk”. The CN Tower “edgewalk” allows individuals to walk around the circumference of the tower’s roof. Exhilaration-seekers can view the entire city of Toronto from every angle around the tower while leaning over the ground beneath. Don’t worry – you’re attached to a harness and pole above you.


Personally, I have always loved the CN tower because it has always reminded me of my city. I see the tower as an international representation of Toronto and I believe the tower is the most popular physical association with the city of Toronto.

“Its a real landmark for Toronto around the world,” Patrick Quinn, an engineer who helped in the construction of the building said to Global News in June.


I have been going to the CN tower almost every year for family occasions, get togethers and birthdays. My favourite thing to do at the CN Tower is watch out the windows of the restaurant while rotating around the city and enjoying a great meal.


Whenever I think of the CN tower I think of the time I attended a family and friends get together there and my mom’s good friend announced she was pregnant. We were all so happy and surprised of her news which made the night even more sentimental. I have many very fond memories of times with the ones I love most at the CN tower.

If you are looking for a truly interesting, family-friendly and exhilarating destination to visit in Toronto, I highly recommend visiting the CN Tower.

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