Happy 150th Birthday Canada! I am so proud to live in such a peaceful, diverse and welcoming country – full of amazing people! We all have so much to be thankful for and be proud of !!!!!

One thing about Canadians is we always display our Beauty Inside – the caring and empathetic Canadians that we are – WE ARE THE NORTH – WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER – WE ARE CANADA!

Did you know…there are over 200 languages spoken in Canada! Did you know…that over 41 million people visit Toronto, Canada annually! Did you know…Canadians like to finish a sentence with the word Eh?!

First stop – Nathan Phillips Square!


The square is a main meeting place for major Toronto events and home to our TORONTO sign! Both Torontonians and visitors really enjoy the area – in the summer, enjoy the tranquility of our beautiful pond and in the winter, lace up and enjoy some skating! Did you know….Canada has a population of 36,626,083 million people and Toronto is the most populous city with 2,731,571 million people!!! Amazing, eh???

Our second stop bring us to Canada’s most famous Landmark – the CN Tower! There is so much to do at this Toronto site! –At the bottom of the Canadian National Tower, there is a beautiful waterfall for those who want a relaxing break. The CN Tower also offers 360, a revolving restaurant 1,151 feet high and along with breathtaking views, they have amazing cuisine prepared by top Canadian chefs. BUT for those of you who seek excitement and THRILLS there is our famous the “Edge Walk” – whereby you have the opportunity to WALK around the EDGE of the CN tower! That’s 1,168 feet or 116 storeys high!

Did you know….that our CN tower is 1,815.3 feet high and is the 9th tallest free standing structure in the WORLD! Awesome, eh??

GO JAYS GO!!!! Our third stop brings us to Canada’s favorite baseball team and the Toronto Blue Jay’s game at Rogers Centre! It was a great game against the Baltimore Orioles! Our stadium was full of our Toronto Blue Jay’s Supporting fans! —Did you know…The Toronto Blue Jay’s”, played their first game on April 22nd 1977 and….Won! Fantastic, eh?

After a winning game, to continue the celebration I enjoyed a lovely Canadian Strawberry Ice cream cone! The lovely ice cream truck vendor let me in her kitchen – and so I decided to help her out and hand out some ice cream! She was a True example of us Canadians and our kind and welcoming spirit!

Did you know…Canada ranks seventh WORLDWIDE in overall ice cream consumption? Cool, eh????







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