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Welcome to my blog! This is where I’ll be writing about my adventures as Miss Teenage Toronto for the next year, and I am super excited to take on this new role!

First things first, let me introduce myself! My name is Alessia, and I’m 18 from South Mississauga. I am 100% nut free, but still a little nutty. Haha! I am anaphylactic to all peanuts and nuts, and as for the “still a little nutty” part – you’ll just have to get to know me!

You also may have noticed that I’m from Mississauga, yet I’m representing Toronto. I attend St. Clement’s School (SCS) at Yonge and Eglinton and have been a Clementine for almost six years now! It’s funny because I spend so much time in Toronto that I sometimes forget that my bed is in the west end!

At St. Clement’s, I am very involved in school life! I love performing, and I’ve been in the major drama productions since I came to SCS in grade 7. Similarly, I’m an avid debater and public speaker, having competed across Canada and at Internationals. In addition to competing, I mentor younger debaters and have volunteered as a student-judge at novice tournaments. In two weeks, I’m competing at the Winter Fulford, so wish me luck! I am also a dedicated member of the Chamber Choir, and we are competing at the Kiwanis Music Festival on the same day as the debate! The winter term is by far the busiest at SCS!

Those who know me are aware of my passion for fashion. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved expressing my individuality and creativity to the world. Dare to be different! Personal style and fashion are a large part of my life, in more ways than one.  Now in my third year of my reign as style columnist for The Clementimes, I, Step In Style, am one of the core writers for the paper. Thanks to my wonderful readers, Step In Style appears in the centerfold of every issue, and is the only continuous feature to date. When I developed the concept of Step In Style, little did I know that it would be such a hit and run for three consecutive years! Like my original blog of the same name, Step In Style has received rave reviews from not only students, but also staff. To me, writing Step In Style has been more than an opportunity to express my interest in fashion; it enables me to share what inspires my personal style, and connect with all you lovelies.

Each year, SCS produces the Lumina Fashion and Design Show. I am one of the few who have had the privilege of modelling for this charity fundraiser for the past three years. Here, my creativity extends into areas of fashion such as makeup and outfit design, strengthening my credibility as a fashion leader. Last year, my brilliant designer granted me full creative control of my hair and makeup design. With those mega-long blue feathered lashes, and peacock feathers sticking out of my high bun, the Clue-inspired Mrs. Peacock design was the pinnacle of the show. And what about how I wore two different colour shoes back in my first year as a model? This year, I was fortunate to get a taste of the design process, collaborating with my fabulous designer to derive an outfit reflecting my own interpretation of feminism. Check out these pictures so you can see these unique designs!

My Lumina outfits: 2013 to 2015!

And that’s not all! Community service plays a very important role in my extracurricular involvement. I have learned that giving back to the community is not necessarily donating a fortune or building a school—it can be as simple as donating time. Each year, I and my peers organize a free March Break day camp for grade three to five students of Stanley Public School, which is located in a designated at-risk neighbourhood in Toronto. For the past three years and counting, I have enjoyed volunteering with this unique program. Last year, I took on the role of activity leader for drama, which was very exciting as it gave me the opportunity to create a dynamic program for the campers. Having been a counsellor, I noticed that the Stanley students often lacked essential self-confidence. Thus, I made it my goal to mentor my campers in self-discovery. What better way to encourage children to venture outside their comfort zone than with amusing drama activities? With two small groups of approximately twelve campers each, I structured a fun-filled drama program that served a deeper purpose. Though our time together is brief, by the end of the week, I see my campers standing taller, looking me in the eye as we speak, and smiling more often. Ultimately, this camp is important to me because it is important to the children.

All of my extracurricular experiences have provided me with many skills, particularly in leadership, preparing me for my work as an elected school Prefect. As a Prefect, I am responsible for creating videos, skits, and presentations for Prefect assemblies, mentoring the grade seven class, and coordinating events for the middle school as the Middle School Liaison. Being a positive role model with a strong sense of self is an important aspect of my position in which my past leadership experiences as Debate Head, Student Council Rep, and Middle School House Head have enabled me to be to the best of my ability.

Now, about my pageant experience and being crowned Miss Teenage Toronto 2015! Prior to my experience with the Miss Teenage Canada (MTC) pageant, I have never participated in a pageant. I have always loved performing, but being in a pageant is very different.

My crowning moment!

My crowning moment!


Just a few days after the new year, I applied to the MTC pageant. Everything happened so quickly! Before I knew it, I had my Skype interview with Michelle Weswaldi, the pageant director, and that same evening I received an email from her with news that I was heading to provincials! With just two weeks until the pageant, my mom and I took on the challenge as pageant novices, and the rest is history!

Shayna, Miss Teenage Durham; Cristina, Miss Teenage Southern Ontario; and I following our crowning!

Shayna, Miss Teenage Durham; Cristina, Miss Teenage Southern Ontario; and I, following our crowning!

So what’s next? As Miss Teenage Toronto, I have an exciting few months ahead of me! With the competition for the title of Miss Teenage Canada taking place in August, I have much to do!

Francesca, Miss Teenage Canada 2014, and I

Francesca, Miss Teenage Canada 2014, and I

At the moment, I am busy researching and booking appearances, so stay tuned for updates on my reign! My platform is to empower all girls and women to initiate change. More specifically, my goal is to emphasize the importance of girls’ education and to promote gender equality around the world. I will also be supporting Free The Children and I look forward to connecting with all of you about how YOU can play a part in my journey to nationals!

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