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This past weekend marked my first run of my fundraising event for Free The Children. As part of my role as Miss Teenage Toronto, I am using my title to advocate for this amazing cause. As such, I partnered with Chris & Stacey’s No Frills to run a successful raffle! No Frills generously donated two $50 President’s Choice gift cards that were raffled off, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. It was a successful event as all donations and proceeds from raffle ticket sales are headed to Free The Children. Thank you again to Chris & Stacey’s No Frills and to Free The Children for providing official reading material for my display.

Check out my savvy poster stealing the show at Chris & Stacey's No Frills!

Check out my savvy poster stealing the show at Chris & Stacey’s No Frills!

Thus far throughout my journey as Miss Teenage Toronto, I have learned that advocating for a cause is a form of entrepreneurship. In other words, leading a philanthropic venture requires not only determination, commitment, and perseverance, it calls for expertise in negotiation. In my dealings with various organizations, I have noticed that the key to presenting a compelling sales pitch is to highlight the importance of their contributions and the impact they will have on our community. Free The Children works internationally, however, the organization’s success is a result of efforts made in our local community. If each of us gave a little, our collective involvement would create change for the better. It all starts at home.

Stay tuned for details on my next fundraising event!

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