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With pageant week right around the corner (TODAY!!!), I thought it would be fitting to write a post regarding my platform and what I would do to promote it should I become the next Miss Teenage Canada.


As a firm believer in girls’ education, my platform is to empower all girls around the world to initiate change through education. Having recently graduated from an all-girls’ school, I know first-hand how education is the most powerful tool in providing girls with the self-confidence to be leaders and to reach their goals. Therefore, I have made it my goal to inspire other girls to make a difference in the world, and I believe that it all starts with education.

My platform is meaningful to me as female empowerment, girls’ right to education, and gender equality are topics that I am passionate about. More specifically, my time at St. Clement’s has shown me how girls are courageous leaders who can achieve anything they put their minds to. Unfortunately, not all girls have the self-confidence to achieve their goals or have the opportunity to go to school. In effect, I aspire to spread awareness about the importance of girls’ education for how it provides girls with the necessary self-confidence to achieve their goals, and how women deserve equal opportunities as men. But how?

I firmly believe that if you want to see change happen, you have to make it happen. Though issues like gender equality or girls’ access to education in developing countries are large-scale matters that may seem out of reach to youth like me, I feel that we, as individuals, have to advocate for what we are passionate about, and embrace the challenge with open arms. In other words, my passion for girls’ education and gender equality has enabled me to be a youth ambassador where I have the opportunity to demonstrate why this cause is important and share my experience with others. Namely, my time working at the Upper Canada College Horizons program, where academically advanced grade 7 to 9 students from at-risk Toronto neighbourhoods enjoy a camp-like experience, has exposed me to the harsh reality that not all youth will pursue post-secondary studies because of financial barriers. It saddens me to see youth, particularly girls, with great potential not take advantage of the educational opportunities that the world has to offer. As such, I work to encourage all youth to pursue their goals, and it starts with access to education for all.


If I become Miss Teenage Canada, my goal is to further promote my platform by continuing to work with youth-focused organizations like Free The Children and Because I Am A Girl. Earning this title would enable me to give the crown a voice to make a difference in the world by encouraging young girls and women to pursue their dreams regardless of obstacles like gender, race, sexual orientation, or financial situation. I am proud to promote my platform and am excited for this new adventure during Nationals!


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P.S. STAY TUNED for updates on my experience at Nationals! I will be covering the day-to-day shenanigans on my social media…look out world, here I come!

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