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My “The Beauty Inisde” Children’s Book!

Partnership with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada


The day has arrived and it was so nice meeting everyone! Good Luck to all – it’s going to be an amazing week!

My final blog is dear to my heart. In keeping with my “Find Your Beauty Inside” Campaign, I’ve partnered with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada to increase awareness for breast cancer research. I’m truly honored. My Beauty Inside journey has further inspired me to take action and promote the empowerment of girls – so during my time as Miss Teenage Toronto – I wrote a children’s book! Honestly, this was so personally rewarding for me – as no matter what the outcome is after the pageant, I’m very happy to have completed one of my life dreams!

About The Beauty Inside Children’s Book

An effective way of sending the message of girl (and youth) empowerment is through a story!

My book was based on my personal experience with bullying and my goal was to create an inspirational book that young girls could relate to and give them confidence. I wrote the book from the perspective of the main character that I created and named Olive. Her name is very significant – as the meaning of Olive is peace.

Olive is creative in the way she dresses – she wears a pink polkadot dress, ribbons in her hair and pink shoes. She loves doing kind things for others such as handing out ice cream on the first day of her new school. Olive throughout the book however is continually bullied for being herself. She later finds a friend who supports her and encourages her be herself and be confident. Olive is inspired and Finds her Beauty Inside! She is confident and fearless!

I dedicated my children’s book to my mom for her endless love and support.


Reading my The Beauty Inside Children’s Book at Glen Briar Academy

I had the opportunity to read my book for the very first time to children (ages 4 -12) at the Glen Briar Academy School during their annual summer camp! I also had a chance to take to utilize my theatre skills by playing a fun drama game with the children! I had each child in the class select a scene from the book that has the most meaning to them and reenact it! They enjoyed the game immensely – and related to be made fun of and felt a sense of personal healing when we helped resolve it. Iwas touched when we asked the children what they felt the book was about after the reading it. They excitedly responded “it’s about your Beauty Inside!!” and “Feeling good about yourself!”

My Partnership With The Breast Cancer Society Of Canada


As my “Beauty Inside” Campaign advocates the empowerment of women, I wanted to work with an organization that supports the same. After my mother’s day walk in May held by the Breast Cancer Society of Canada (BCSC), I was approached by the BCSC to work in partnership with them. I’m very honored to work with the BCSC as they support lifesaving research and help women find courage and strength every single day. So far I’ve raised $300 for breast cancer research and plan to continue my fundraising efforts during Breast Cancer month in October 2017.

Wishing everyone a Beauty Inside Day




Written by: Alexia Antonio
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  1. Jodie Callaway says:

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story, Alexia. In 2009, I lost my mom to cancer. She was truly a role model in my life and someone I attribute any successes I have personally or professional to. It’s wonderful to hear you share such a close and loving relationship with your mom. Wishing you all the very best with your future endeavours! May you always feel beautiful inside and out!

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