Check out this savvy looking taco bus!

Check out this savvy looking taco bus!

Hello everyone!

Who needs ‪#‎TacoTuesday‬ when Richtree Market Restaurants at the Toronto Eaton Centre‘s new taco bus serves delicious tacos all day everyday! Am I right?

For our fifth day at Miss Teenage Canada nationals, we headed to the Toronto Eaton Centre for lunch at Richtree Market after an exciting morning at the Bowmanville Zoo. Richtree recently introduced their new taco bus where customers have a variety of Mexican tacos and burritos to choose from. Known for their open-kitchen restaurant, Richtree consists of a variety of different food stations, from making your own customizable pizza to whipping up a sweet milkshake, and the taco bus is the newest addition to the market.

I decided to order the Chipotle Braised Res taco, which consisted of beef strips, chipotle sauce, cabbage, and lime juice, to name a few. Three small tacos were nicely presented in a chic brown carton and were as visually appealing as they were tasty! The doughy taco wraps were delicious as the other ingredients gave the dish a spicy kick that screamed Mexican!

Me with my yummy Chipotle Braised Res taco!

Me with my yummy Chipotle Braised Res taco!

As for the baby blue taco bus, it is strategically positioned near the entrance of the restaurant, so you can’t miss it! Essentially, the bus is a counter with all of the fresh ingredients and toppings organized and the customer has the choice to add anything he or she would enjoy. What I particularly enjoyed about my lunch at Richtree was how accommodating and customizable the menu was. Given my anaphylactic peanut allergy, the cook carefully recommended the safest menu option for me, and customized my order based on what I could and could not have. Not to mention that the whole idea of ordering tacos at a take-out style bus is oh-so effortlessly chic! I suppose you could say that my experience was a #RichtreeFiesta!

So far nationals are a ton of fun and the preliminary competition is tomorrow night! I can’t wait to see what these final three days have in store for us! It’s almost show time, people!

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