Chanel Tracksuit from JustThrift Orfus

When JustThrift Orfus (located at 53 Orfus rd, North York, ON M6A 1L7) chose to sponsor me I was beyond thrilled! My love of fashion has led me to this incredible thrift store, and those who know me, have heard me sing their praises long before this sponsorship. I am excited to share my love of thrifting through this blog and an exclusive discount at JustThrift Orfus. Mention #MayaMissTeenToronto for 15% off of your purchase.


Adidas Dress from JustThrift Orfus


Australian Wool Cardigan and Champion Bodysuit from JustThrift Orfus

Every now and then we all wander into a thrift store in search of a hidden gem, start browsing, and then, upon seeing mounds of outdated garbage and the overpowering stench of mothballs, give up before they can be found.

Vintage Italian Kappa Backpack from JustThrift Orfus

Thrifting is a full commitment. Hours of searching, sometimes can be fruitless. Other times you can find something in a moment. This is one of the many things that can turn people away from thrifting.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? What if I told you there are thrift stores that are full of unique pieces. Both one of a kind vintage, and new in season brand names.

Bape Sweatpants from JustThrift Orfus

The only issues is that most of these types of “high end” thrift stores have low stock and high prices.

Can you imagine a thrift store that fit all the criteria? High end, quality, stock, unique, AND affordable? I couldn’t.

Tommy Hilfiger Jersey from JustThrift Orfus

Until around a year ago, when I wandered into JustThrift on Orfus rd. I had been browsing the Orfus Road outlet stores when I stumbled onto this incredible thrift store.

Fila tee and Levis shorts from JustThrift Orfus

It is very close to Yorkdale mall, so every time I was in the area I would stop by, never walking away empty handed. This store has become my absolute go to.

Over time I have created a collection of unique pieces that have all come from JustThrift. From adidas, fila, nike, tommy hilfiger, Christian dior, Louis Vuitton, chanel, armani, to topshop, holt renfrew, levis, champion, and guess, you are guaranteed to leave with something incredible.

All throughout this post, I have included some photos of looks that I have created with pieces from JustThrift. Whether you are an experienced thrifter, or a novice looking for some unique finds, JustThrift Orfus is the place for you!

Mention #MayaMissTeenToronto for 15% off of your purchase.

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