Happy July! What a beautiful month it’s turning out to be!

Over the past few months I’ve been super busy fundraising for WE Charity – Free The Children Charity and participating in numerous volunteer opportunities within my community! I’ve also been super busy promoting my title alongside my “Beauty Inside” campaign and platform with endless appearances!

My fundraising efforts include a raffle with AMAZING  prizes —with all ticket proceeds going to Free The Children Charity! Here’s list of the AMAZING prizes!

First Stop!

Volunteering and WE- Free the Children Charity Fundraising at Kostatex Children Boutique 

 I volunteered with my special sponsor – Kostatex Children’s Boutique! This Boutique is dear to my heart because I pretty much grew up in this store! It was my one stop shop for the best clothing – from casual wear to elegant breathtaking dresses! I spent the day helping out children (and parents) with the selection of beautiful dresses and helped in any way that I could. The goal in mind was to make young girls feel like princesses, special, smart and important – TO PUT IN ACTION my Beauty Inside campaign and platform – crucial for all young ladies to build their confidence, starting from their BEAUTY INSIDE and THEN out! I even handed out mini tiaras to represent how beautiful they were inside.

I absolutely loved every minute; spending time within my community and having the opportunity to give back to a unique store that has given me so many years of happiness and beautiful childhood memories. Also in partnership with Kostatex I held a We Free The Children fundraising event right outside the store. The store offered a 10% discount with any raffle ticket purchased. Thank you Kostatex for the raffle ticket prize of $100 dollars off! Thank you Marianna for your generosity, love and support and the wonderful day!


Second Stop!

Volunteering at Tim Hortons – Kids Camp Day!

I volunteered at Tim Hortons Camp Day! It was a great day volunteering and supporting Kids Camp Day! All donations made went to supporting children summer camps. To show support I greeted customers, and handed out Kids Camp Day bracelets. My volunteering and appearance drew attention for such a good cause and provided me with the opportunity to help youth and speak to the public about my platform of empowering youth.


Third Stop!

Fundraising for WE -Free The Children Charity, Bay & Adelaide Centre.

I devoted two full days to fundraise for Free The Children at the Bay & Adelaide Centre! I handed mini tiaras to every little girl and little toy cars to every little boy (& girl!) that passed by! And every person who made a donation to We – Free the Children Charity received a “Beauty Inside Gift Bag!” I created the Beauty Inside gift bags – and enclosed in a beautiful bag was an assortment of beauty products such as lip balms, moisturizers, mud masks, hand creams, body mists, chocolate kisses and so much more – as well as my pageant promotional flyer!  I also made Disney’s “Frozen Baskets” that were full of toys, puzzles, purses, books, and stickers. (just to list a few items!) I also made Frozen Gift Bags”, with coloring books, stickers, hair accessories…etc. inside! With any donation made a gift bag was handed out. It was a HUGE fundraising success! Thank you at Bay and Adelaide Centre for the amazing fundraising spot!


Fourth Stop!

Volunteering at Ici Paris Skin Clinic and Spa and WE- Free the Children Charity Fundraising

On a beautiful sunshine day I volunteered outside of my sponsor’s store – Ici Paris Skin Clinic and Spa and also fundraised for WE – Free The Children charity! I filled my promotional table with gift baskets and gift bags and spa information. I greeted people passing by and introducing them to the spa and the WE charity. It was a great fundraising – offering 10% discount for services at the spa with any donation made to WE! Ici Paris has a top prize offering in my charity raffle of a luxury spa day! Good Luck everyone, I hope you win!


Written by: Alexia Antonio
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